The Cleaning Power of Laundry Sheets

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Many of you navigating to our site for the first time will probably have a few questions. Namely: what are laundry sheets? Are laundry sheets the same as dryer sheets? We get it. Laundry detergent sheets are not yet in the mainstream discussion of laundry detergents and clothing care overall. We are here to change that narrative. While many new technologies including single-use pods and high efficiency detergents have emerged with the claim as the “best laundry detergent” on the market, we feel that laundry sheets are the next big thing.

Today, we will explore the cleaning power of laundry sheets by answering the question what are laundry sheets?, compare laundry sheets to “traditional” laundry detergents, explain how laundry sheets work, and make the case for laundry sheets being the best detergent option for you and your family!

What are Laundry Sheets?

Laundry sheets might be a new product, but they work in the same basic way as any other laundry detergent. Traditional laundry detergents work as consumers put in a measured amount of liquid detergent, laundry powder, single-use pod, or alternative detergent into the washing machine. The machine is then turned on (or in the opposite order depending), and the cycle runs.

Laundry sheets are small, square sheets that can be placed directly into a washing machine. The premeasured, mess-free, and convenient laundry sheets work by releasing their all-natural ingredients during the wash cycle. The actual “sheet” material is also made of natural materials, and dissolves completely during the washing process.

Laundry Sheets vs. Traditional Laundry Detergent

Now that we understand the basics of laundry sheets, how do they stack up against traditional laundry detergents? Let’s compare and contrast:

  • Laundry sheets are lighter and take up less space. One of the primary benefits of laundry sheets compared to traditional laundry comes down to their convenience. Laundry sheets weigh ten times less than most liquid and pod detergents and take up six times less shelf space.
  • Laundry sheets work with all washing machines. Many traditional and alternative detergents are specially formulated for specific washing machines such as HE detergents and HE washers. Laundry sheets are designed to work with all types of washing machines.
  • Laundry sheets dissolve better than powder detergents. Powder laundry detergents are preferred by many over liquid detergents because of their longer shelf life and greater efficiency. Not only are laundry sheets long-lasting and efficient, but they dissolve better than powder detergents, which can sometimes leave an unpleasant residue on clothes and inside washing machines. 

How Natural Laundry Sheets Clean

After all of those comparisons, you might be asking yourself the next logical question: “Sure it weighs less and dissolves nicely, but does it really work?” The answer is a resounding, yes! On a basic level, laundry detergents work utilizing surfactants to reduce the surface tension of water and allow stains, odors, and other nastiness to come out of your laundry. 

Sheets Laundry Club laundry sheets utilizes surfactants from natural sources including coconut oil and polyvinyl alcohol. These key ingredients offer maximum efficacy as a detergent without the need for any synthetic chemicals. And at the end of the wash cycle, your clothes are clean, smell great, and have no residue from the process!

Are Laundry Sheets the Best Laundry Detergent Available Today?

While it’s easy for us to say, we genuinely feel that laundry sheets are the best laundry detergent on the market today. Here are 5 reasons why laundry sheets outperform traditional laundry detergents:

  1. Our laundry sheets use natural ingredients. Our laundry sheets contain no synthetic chemicals, gluten, toxins, or other ingredients that our customers try to avoid.
  2. Laundry sheets work with all laundry machines. As we mentioned earlier, the advent of high-efficiency washing machines and other iterations of washing machines has caused confusion when it comes to detergent. With laundry sheets, you can be sure you are making the right choice.
  3. Liquid detergents wastewater and resources. Why choose a detergent where water is the first ingredient? Liquid detergents and Tide Pods take up unnecessary space and wastewater and other resources related to packaging and transportation. 
  4. You can skip the measurements. The main appeal of Tide Pods and other single-use products is the convenience. Laundry sheets offer the same “just toss it in” convenience without the added weight and cost!
  5. Sheets Laundry Club is a responsible company. Last but not least, our laundry sheets are biodegradable (so much so they dissolve during the process), are never tested on animals, and are packaged in natural, recyclable, sustainably-sourced materials.

Sheets Laundry Club Offers Natural, High-Efficiency Laundry Sheets!

Sheets Laundry Club was founded with a simple idea: find a better solution to replace “mainstream” laundry detergents that are chock full of toxins, synthetic chemicals, and harsh irritants. Our ingredients are exceptionally simple:

  • Water (extracted during manufacturing)
  • Naturally-derived surfactants from coconut oil
  • Polyvinyl alcohol
  • Natural essential oil fragrance (Osmanthus)

To learn more about how laundry sheets can work for you and your family, feel free to explore our line of products including laundry sheets, scent boosters, travel packs, and more. You can also get started with a subscription today!

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