Big Box Bundle! 12 Boxes of Free & Clear Natural Dryer Sheets – 480 Loads of Laundry!

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You asked for it and here it is! Our Box Box Bundle to save you even more. Once customers tried our sheets they asked to save even more so here is a Year’s worth of Dryer Sheets in one package. That’s 480 loads of laundry!

  • Plant based softening agent
  • Sturdy sheet made from renewable fibers won’t shred mid cycle
  • Sheets decompose quickly
  • Packaging 100% recyclable
  • No Fragrance Added! Free & Clear
  • No refunds or returns on big bundles. If this is your first purchase, we suggest purchasing a single box first.
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Clean clothes are great… clean and soft clothes are even better, but getting clean and soft clothes in an eco-friendly, earth saving fashion is best. Much like our detergent sheets, our dryer sheets are also eco-friendly and all natural. They soften and reduce the static on your clothes with a proprietary plant-based softening agent infused into a compostable, non-woven dryer sheet made from renewable fibers. They are fragranced with our special blend of essential oils. Being made of plant based material and renewable fibers, these sheets quickly decompose to eliminate unnecessary landfill waste. Our dryer sheets provide a natural softening and freshening experience while offering the ruggedness of a more traditional type dryer sheet that won’t shred in the dryer like competing paper-based eco-dryer sheets.

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